In Honor of All of Our Veterans

Veteran's Day

Thank you to all of our veterans! We owe you so much.

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50 Free Genealogy Sites

Family portrait with parents and four daughters

50 Free Genealogy Sites – collection of personal stories, research help, news, tools and resources for genealogists.

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1940 Census

1940 Census Poster

The 1940 census records were released this year on April 2. The digital images were accessible free of charge at NARA facilities nationwide. Every 10 years, another Census becomes public. The 1940 Census was taken at the end of the Great Depression, a decade of economic collapse. Access to the records are free and open to anyone on the Internet. “We’ll be picking images up from the National Archives and rolling images on the site as quickly as possible and we’re going a step further,” says Dan Jones, vice president of global content. “This time we’re actually extracting the information

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Hey, America, You’re Roots are Showing

Hey, America, You're Roots Are Showing!

“Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are cousins! So are Obama and Dick Cheney, Obama and Brad Pitt, and Obama and Rush Limbaugh!” from Megan Smolenyak’s new book, “Hey, America, You’re Roots are Showing!”. Who knew??!! Megan has a wonderful way of making genealogy research fascinating to read about. She’s an eminent genealogist, an author with six published books and an amazing researcher. I’ve Worked with Megan for about ten years now, designing and developing her web sites. She’s not just an amazing, talented and highly respected genealogist, author and forensic investigator. She’s also a really great lady…and she’s got a

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Creative ways to display family photos and memorabilia

Old Photos

After spending so much time working on my family history I realized that I had all of this interesting information – but it wasn’t all that easy to share or display it. So I started looking around for places to display my ‘projects’, ideas for new ways to show them off and ways to make it easy to browse through my collections. I had so many photos from my grandmothers and my mom and putting them all in photo albums just didn’t appeal to me. I scanned a number and added them to my genealogy site – it has a

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How..and why…I developed my love for genealogy

My Family History and Genealogy

It was my Mom who first gave me an interest in learning more about my family history. She started collecting as much information as she could when she ‘inherited’ a lot of the old family photo albums and boxes of miscellaneous papers when my grandparents died. She started sorting and categorizing and wound up hooked. That was before the internet and genealogy research meant mostly trying to piece together information written on photos, from birth certificates and old letters, writing and mailing lots of letters and physically searching libraries, etc. She eventually started writing to extended family in other countries

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